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So you’re all upbeat and ready to move to back to UK from Dubai. But you are so busy celebrating that you forget to call a professional mover. Now, just a day before your flight, you frantically try to punch in numbers of moving companies that you found in the classifieds and practically beg them to book your order. But the typical answer you get from everyone is, “We’re sorry sir, we cannot book your order at such short notice.” Last minute plans have a terrible way of failing, don’t they? And now you are desperate enough to book any mover who agrees to take your order, not hesitating to pay him four times the fee to get the work done. In desperate times such as these, Expat Moves is a Godsend for you!

At Expat Moves, we work on the priorities and preferences of our customers. You simply have to contact us and tell us the job. Our highly experienced and trained professionals then employ all the resources at their disposal to get you the best deals in town. We provide you with four of the best deals or quotes from four different professional moving companies. A major reason why we provide you with four quotes is to allow you the liberty to make your own decision keeping in mind your preferences. So, if you’re priority is your pocket, you may choose the deal that is cheapest of the lot. Similarly, if quality service is your preference, you may settle for a more expensive moving company. In short, you basically get the option to choose the deal or quote that suits you best.

Expat Moves takes care of all your needs, paying special attention to your requirements, saving you time and money. We can also help you with those small handyman and maintenance jobs around your villa or apartment, to ensure you get your deposit back. You may even require storage for a short time prior to shipment, or perhaps considering taking your motorcycle, well we can help with these as well. In fact you could call us a ‘one stop shop cost comparison site for all your moving and relocation needs.

So if you are planning to move abroad and need some assistance just contact and we will take care of all your needs whilst you sit back and relax!


What Our Customers Say - Relocation testimonials

Well Done, Expat Moves. Using your website saved me time and the hassle of waiting for people who never call me back. Expat Moves got me the best quotes and helped me pick the right company to suit my needs. The website is so easy and simple to use. Thank you, I will certainly be recommending you to my friends.

Gina Samuelson - Relocation testimonials

We recently used Expat Moves website for all my moving needs. I was looking for an all in one service that someone could take care of due to my busy schedule. The timing and quality met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Defiantly the most convenient and hassle free way in getting the best price. I would highly recommend this website for your next move.

S. Wright - Relocation testimonials

I used Expat Moves to help me find a company to move us in Dubai. Very quick, professional and officiant, I was given a choice of price and company's I could pick from, no hanging around waiting for lots of different relocation companies to turn up. Great way to start moving, thank you guys at Expat Moves for your help, made my life so much easier.

Ann-Marie Philips - Relocation testimonial Customers