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Category Archives: Living in Dubai


Finding a house in Dubai

With monstrous advancement and property blast in Dubai in the most recent 10 years, the choices for where one wishes to live have expanded exponentially, with numerous choices now accessible in view of area, sort of property and number of individuals living in a family unit.

From the towering marvelous elevated structures in Jumeirah Beach to the sprawling, roomy manors in Rashidiya, or to the very private group in Mirdif, Dubai’s property business sector has something for everybody, and afterward some more.

It is hard to say where the “best place to live in Dubai” is, the same number of variables are included while picking an area – not the slightest of which is your financial plan and your own inclination. From the new steel-and-glass advancements in Bur Dubai to the more conventional, white collar class group in Al Rigga, every area offers it’s own particular interesting flavor and advantages.

For most expats, the essential concern with regards to picking a place to live is location. With the start of the Dubai Metro, prime properties are the ones that are near open transportation frameworks. Saying this doesn’t imply that that numerous far-flung private pieces are not popular, as metro stations can be over swarmed now and again and a few individuals may not care for that.

Al Barsha, a blend of center and high society private alternatives, is basically known as the range encompassing Mall of the Emirates. One of the more famous private groups, Barsha is home to both occupants, business elements and a few worldwide departments, making it a mixed blend with its own character.

With Dubai being a sprawling city with overwhelming activity round the clock, a considerable measure of expats select property that is near workplaces/schools, as these are the two most imperative points of interest of ordinary life anyplace. Most workplaces are situated in Downtown Dubai (Bur Dubai), and schools are spread over a large number of neighborhoods.

On the off chance that driving doesn’t trouble you, the alternatives accessible for home possession. Numerous men and ladies without families decide on areas in close vicinity to the clamoring night life – be it the Marina or Jumeirah.

The three most imperative elements to consider are: -

1.Proximity to schools/workplaces

2.Lifestyle requests/family estimate,whether you need a manor or a loft

3.Budget requirements

Dubai is a multicultural city with expats from everywhere throughout the world living a wide range of sorts of lives. The “one-size-fits-all” way to deal with property is nonexistent, as well as unrealistic with regards to such a novel spot as this.

Good fortunes, and cheerful home-hunting


Planning Ahead

The weekend is upon us; perhaps it’s time to get some odd jobs done around the apartment or villa?

Hang those pictures, put the TV on the wall, fix that curtain rod or simply do something about that draughty door.

I know I have all these on my ‘to do’ list (and plenty more), yet I can’t get motivated, as the weekend is short, there’s lots of great things to do, it’s still too hot and besides there’s football on the TV!

Well, why not get a handyman service to complete all those tasks, it makes sense, right?

You may even be planning to move, lease is up soon, could do with a change, you might even save some money!  You may even be planning your next assignment or be moving back home. Perhaps all that is happening around the globe is making you think about being close to your family.

Well, if it’s something you are planning to do then moving all your household and personal possessions is surely part of that process?

Where to start? 

We at Expat Moves can certainly help, as we have all your moving and relocation needs on one web site and the great part is, that in 4 simple steps we will get you up to 4 competitive quotes, not only saving you time, but money as well.

We understand the market requirements in UAE and how important good service is, that’s why all the companies listed on our site are only there by special invitation only, as they provide great service and competitive pricing. It’s in their interest to look after you, because if they do then we in turn look after them by providing more business, basic common sense!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to visit us at:

Kind regards


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Economic Chaos Globally

Unleaded Petrol 98 Super (Dhs/Litre)

Old price 1.83, New Price 2.25 – increase 23%

Unleaded 95 Special (Dhs/Litre)

Old price 1.72, New Price 2.24 – increase 24%

Super- 2.25 x 3.78541 litres = Dhs 8.518 per gallon, which when converted to US Dollars is 2.32.

Current average cost of petrol in US as of today is approx. USD2.5

Therefore UAE fuel costs are virtually on a par with US!

Surprised me, how about you? 

Stock Market woes, particularly in China, credit is unwinding, margin calls, forced selling, Oil prices lowest in 6 years, China’s slowing economy along with their currency devaluation, more uncertainty in Greece (they are broke), Russian Ruble at 7 month low, the list goes on. Will all this lead to economic chaos globally? Will it happen in September? Are we in danger of talking ourselves into another collapse?

Is there any positives to what is/may happen?

One thing that hits me in the face at troubled times like these, is peoples fear.

Fear of what may happen, fear of losing everything, fear of the future……..





I say, get over it, as fear is an opportunity!

Economy cleans out excessive debt and spending

Hard times force us (consumers) to regain control of our budgets

Buy good investments at low prices, once the chaos is over they can make huge profits

Corporations are forced to clean up their balance sheets.

Always look on the bright side of life………… I’m off to stock up on tinned food and bottle water –  just in case J


Quality and Control

Well the weekend is over and it’s back to work!

What did we all do Friday and Saturday: hit a brunch, down to the beach, workout at the gym, just chill at home, spend some family time with the kids….well whatever it was hope you all had fun.

I did a spot of cycling (in fact I go 3 times a week) on the cycle paths out in Al Qudra, that was my fun(?)

Actually, I also did a brunch, just the wife and I and that was very special, just chilled and chatted, which we should do more of.

So, we have been in Dubai 8 years now, wow what an experience. Had its challenges, good times and not so good times, but my outlook is that my journey thru life is all about experience and purpose.

My latest experience has been about writing a book and I have just self-published, so please wish me well, as I have ticked that one off my bucket list.

I have been in the Moving and Relocation business for over 27 years, the last 8 of which have been in Dubai.

When I arrived here in early 2007 there were only two major companies and a relatively small list of others. Now there are quite a few major players with a list of others longer than my arm!

What I have seen and experienced in the last 2-3 years worries me about the industry, as it has lost some of its professionalism and integrity, as there is no transparency or regulating body to control just anyone from buying a truck and calling themselves a moving company. Most places in the world have ‘member associations’ that uphold quality and a guaranteed service standard, so customers know they will receive a minimum standard of service.

Unfortunately in UAE this type of association has not been introduced.

I would like to see the major Moving and Relocation companies here form a committee and approach the Economic Dept. for help in introducing some quality control.

Is this a good idea?
Would it be beneficial?
Let me have your thoughts, comments


Living in Dubai

Today I’m not going to talk about Moving and Relocation and who are the best moving companies in Dubai. In fact I’m not even going to mention Pet Moving, Storage or Office moving.

My subject today is completely different, as I need a little rant about the fuel prices in Dubai, now they are not regulated. I know the price of petrol here is very cheap compared to UK, Europe, USA, Australia etc., but is this really the point?

I filled my car with petrol this morning and it cost me an additional AED25.00 to do it. I fill my car up twice a week so over a year that’s an additional AED 2600.00! This begs the question: will businesses use this excuse to put their prices up?

Oil prices fell to a new six year low yesterday (barrel of West Texas crude $42.00, Brent crude $49.00), the lowest since March 2009, so I ask myself why is petrol going up?

Depending where you live in the GCC budgets are based on Oil being between $80-100 per barrel, so it’s obvious that when oil is half of that, the economy will suffer.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have strongly suggested that GCC countries should remove subsidies to cut down on expenditures and implement tax reforms as a way to cope with fluctuating oil prices, so does this mean the implementation of a VAT could be imminent in UAE?

Fuel prices up, Education cost soaring, possible implementation of VAT, questions on real estate costs – all make some interesting and possible challenging times ahead.

On a brighter more positive note, the sun came up this morning, my family is healthy, I have just written a book so I can tick that one off my bucket list and I do love living in Dubai!!

So what are your thoughts? let’s get some discussion going

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