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Category Archives: Discussion


A Lunchtime Discussion

The team at Expat Moves has been discussing how busy we have been, particularly on international moves over the last few months, helping people to find a good quality moving company, who are also competitively priced.

We came to the conclusion that this summers ‘peak season’ has seen more people move out of UAE than normal.

So this got us thinking about what the reasons could be and we came up with the following: cost of education: nothing more to add as there’s plenty of press on the subject, rental costs: did you know around 36 percent of a Dubai expats income goes on rent, compared to only 24 percent in London, 22 percent in Toronto and 33 percent in New York, the weather: does it seem hotter and more humid this year?, the cost of food: seems the consensus was that the grocery bag just keeps rising in price, GST: the prospect of it being introduced, home countries: their economies are largely improving, company moves: staff going on to another assignment. There are of course a plethora of other reasons, but we have mentioned the most common ones.

What do YOU think? What other major reasons are there?

We then moved to discussing the reasons why we all liked being here: Tax free always helps, or should I say income-tax free!, weather: sunshine is always good to wake up to, at least we know what we are going to get (within reason), geographical location: close to Asia, close to Europe, so it’s more affordable to travel, standard of living: compared to so many other places UAE has a high standard, social activities: has vastly improved over the years and so much is on our doorstep, UAE: progressive nature, let’s face it look how its developed in the last 30 years, I doubt any other country has matched the achievements of UAE in this time, the one I particularly like is the positive nature: I would much prefer to live in a positive society than a negative one, even if it’s a little over-cooked sometimes.

What do you like about living in UAE?

Well, that was our lunch time discussion, now it’s back to helping people find a great moving company at an affordable price, whether it’s local or international visit us at to compare costs and quality.


Migrant Crisis – ‘moving and relocating’

So the hot topic right now across most media is about the “Migrant crisis in the EU”, it certainly divides opinion across political spectrums and social media.

As the majority of migrants/asylum seekers are Syrian let stick with some figures from my research. I understand that in Syria the population prior to the crisis was 20 million, of which 12 million have left their homes. Out of this 12 million 8 million are displaced but still with Syria, the balance of 4 million have left Syria all together and approx. 3.8 million are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The balance of 200 thousand as we know is across the EU looking for asylum.

So many people and EU Countries across Europe have shown nothing but love, empathy and compassion for the Syrian refugees and a willingness to help them. However many also appear concerned about taking more migrants in, what it will do to their economies, how will it affect their lives, how can they look after more people when countries struggle to look after their own citizens. These are just a few of the concerns and I understand, I am not here to judge, but what we all need to see is the bigger picture. If we think that the EU is experiencing a ‘tidal wave’ of migrants seeking asylum right now, then a ‘tsunami’ is coming, as there is 3.8 million Syrians waiting in countries I mentioned above. Plus the longer the crisis continues in Syria the more people will be forced to leave.

If we (mankind) are not careful, the whole issue on asylum seekers will strike fear (already has to some extent) into many people, largely because of the reasons I have mentioned, even those who are currently demonstrating love and compassion may start to become fearful of what will happen long term.

So, I ask myself why are the so called leaders of this world not seeing this bigger picture and doing something about the situations in Syria and North Africa.

Perhaps there is another agenda?

I have heard in the last few days political figures within the EU calling for a ‘centralised approach’ to the issue.

Listen carefully over the next few weeks/months, as it would not surprise me to hear talk of centralising power and bringing in more controlling and suppressing regulations, on the basis they are required due to the migrant crisis, and guess what……majority of people will think it’s a good idea

In times of chaos we accept changes that ordinarily we would not allow our governments to introduce


The Migrant Tragedy

I was watching the news last night about the desperate flow of migrants coming from Africa and Middle East into Europe. Did you know: More than 300,000 migrants have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year?

Approx. 200,000 people have landed in Greece since January this year, while another 110,000 made it to Italy.

Approx.  2,500 desperate migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean so far this year trying to make the crossing into Europe

There has also been numerous other incidences where migrants have died tragically making their journey toward a better life.

I saw small children and their parents walking along railway tracks, sneaking under razor wire fences, making runs across borders, as they desperately seek a ‘better life’ .

The only possessions they have are what they can carry and some carry nothing more than the clothes they wear. I could see and feel the fear written over their small faces, how could these children understand or even comprehend what is happening to them when their parents couldn’t.

In some European countries they are now building fences to keep migrants out, some EU countries are arguing about how many migrants they should accept, the challenges are dividing countries, political parties and individuals, everyone has a view, an opinion, yet the migrants keep coming.

 So, what are we doing about it?

Have we not all caused it?

Is it not a collective responsibility?

Have we not allowed this to happen?

Don’t we vote our governments in to power?

Don’t we let them abuse this power?

Why does it appear no one is trying to get to the root cause?

I asked myself all these questions and many more. I’m not here to judge anyone, I merely point out the facts and ask myself these questions and seek answers to what I can do and how I can help.

Some migrants started their journey thousands of miles away; I start mine from here, where do you start yours???

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